This Tiny Town Outside Santa Barbara Is the Ultimate Weekend Date Spot

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re in an episode of The Bachelor, Los Alamos, California is waiting to make this daydream of yours come true. I went here recently for a random weekend date, and it was like a scene straight out of a romantic comedy. My friend who’s a self-proclaimed matchmaker was determined to set me up with her fiancé’s best friend, a guy who’s a few years older than me and apparently her most eligible acquaintance. I was obviously hesitant at first, but truthfully, it only took her a few minutes to persuade me otherwise (the fact that he’s 6-feet tall and has a pilot’s license didn’t hurt).

We texted back and forth for a couple of days before he asked me to visit Los Alamos, which is up north past Santa Barbara, with his married couple friends overnight. Whoa…what? I don’t know exactly what possessed me to say yes to this since agreeing to spend the night in a place I’ve never been with a man I’ve never met seems like the perfect recipe for a horror movie, but I’m glad that I took my chances.

Luckily, he wasn’t a serial killer and Los Alamos turned out to be a beautiful little gem of a place. We stayed at Skyview Los Alamos Motel, which has the cutest rooms with cool ‘60s vibes throughout its decor. Its Western chic aesthetic and hilltop views made for the most romantic setting I’ve seen in a long time – all that was missing was a helicopter ride and a rose. If you’re in the market to woo a special someone, or if you just want a lowkey weekend away with friends, Skyview should be your first stop.

Image by Skyview Los Alamos

Chill at the Pool

What’s a weekend getaway without a pool? The Skyview’s pool is tucked away from most of the rooms and has a variety of different lawn chairs and seating options surrounding the water. If you’re someone who burns easily or doesn’t do well in the heat, most of the seating is accompanied by a backyard umbrella you can put up to protect your skin.

If you need a break from the water and sun, there’s a small poolside bar you can lounge at for a few drinks. I recommend the Mike’s Margarita, and get it spicy if you like a flavorful kick. I may have had one too many of these considering I was on a first date, but that’s a conversation for another time lol. The best part about the bar is that you can get poolside service and suck down your libations while wading in the water.

Image by Skyview Los Alamos

Watch the Sunset

The Skyview is on a hilltop that overlooks a 360-degree view of vineyards, farmland, and winding mountain roads. The motel property has a wooden deck right outside its lobby where you can get the best view of the golden sunset and the quaint yet stunning scenery of Los Alamos. We sat there for more than an hour with a glass of red wine as we watched the sun go down slowly. Does it get any more The Bachelor than that?

Image by Casa Dumetz Wines

Go Wine Tasting

Even though we drank a ton of local wine at the Skyview, we didn’t actually go wine tasting. However, if we had an extra day to spare on our trip to Los Alamos, this definitely would have been on the list of things to do. There are a variety of wine tours and tasting rooms around town, like the Los Alamos Wine Tours and Casa Dumetz Wines. I’m definitely not done with Los Alamos, and both of these quirky but cool places will surely see me the next time I go back.

Image by Skyview Los Alamos

Feast on Gourmet Food

Obviously, we couldn’t have downed a bottle of wine and tequila without some food to hold us over (brb, I’m laughing at the thought of what a disaster that would’ve been). Luckily, the Skyview also has a restaurant on its property that has both delectable dining and ambiance. To be honest, this part of the date is still a little blurry to me – but according to my date, we had salmon and veggies that were apparently very delicious!

The restaurant, called Norman Restaurant and Bar, has a diverse lunch and dinner menu complete with locally sourced meats, produce, and wine. If you’re looking to get away from the motel for dinner, you can find an array of cuisines nearby, from pub food to dumplings.

Image by Skyview Los Alamos

Have a Fire Pit

At the Skyview, each room has a small deck with couches and a personal fire pit. This is where we ended our night. It was the perfect way to finish off our date since we could just chill out after a long day with his friends, complete with cozy blankets and a few good stories.

Overall, Los Alamos and the Skyview motel pleasantly surprised me. OK, and maybe the guy did too. Should I give it a second date? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

Xo, Chloe

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