5 Business Women of Color to Follow on Instagram

business women of color
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February marks the start of Black History Month, and although Black history and Black lives should be celebrated every month, I’m taking this time to celebrate by highlighting boss babes who have been especially inspiring to me lately. Between social media strategy, freelance consulting, finance tips, and more, these business women of color cover everything you need to know to be successful in your chosen field.

To support these motivational and downright badass ladies, learn more about their businesses and follow their accounts below.

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Kayla Countryman – Social Media Manager

If you’re looking for an authentic, intelligent entrepreneur to follow on social media, Kayla is your girl! She helps Black-owned businesses stand out with authentic social media and copywriting strategies, and she shares many of these useful tips on her Instagram feed as well.

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Melina Joseph – Blogger

With tons of editorial and media experience under her belt, Melina turned her passion for sharing stories online into a blog. She provides honest insight into everything from beauty to entertainment and travel through sharing her own experiences.

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Paulina Jayne Isaac – Writer & Consultant

Paulina is an expert when it comes to all things freelance writing, and she has quite the impressive resume to prove it! In fact, she recently launched a freelance consulting business to offer her advice to those who are pursuing a writing career of their own.

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A post shared by Ariel Adams • Insta Expert (@themoneyrealtor)

Ariel Adams – Finance Expert

Need finance and entrepreneurial tips? Look no further than Ariel Adams’ Instagram account. She’s a money guru who helps her clients and followers gain financial stability and monetize their dream businesses through social media.

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A post shared by Polly Irungu (@pollyirungu)

Polly Irungu – Photographer

Want to get seriously inspired? Follow Polly, an immensely talented photographer who has been widely recognized for her creative and captivating work. She is also the founder of Black Women Photographers, which highlights other women of color in her field.

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